Zoggles™ on Everest

Zoggles Electronic Anti-Fog Anti-Frost Technology on Everest

In early 2006, we were contacted by several National Geographic sponsored professional mountain climbers who asked if our Zoggles™ technology could be applied to ski or mountaineering goggles. They and numerous other professional climbers were planning to scale Mount Everest mid-year. As we learned, no goggle had ever been used during the ascent of Mount Everest that didn’t fog or frost up. Scaling Everest is serious business, and not for the unskilled or foolhardy. Far too many climbers succumb to exhaustion, the lack of oxygen and blindness. UV radiation is far greater at the mountain’s summit than it is at lower elevations. Coupled with the near certainty of lens icing due to the cold, climber face a serious risk of being unable to see, with or without protective eyewear!

Zoggles™ extreme weather anti-fog mountaineering gogglesWe supplied the climbers with the goggles, and after their successful ascent and return, Zoggles™ extreme weather mountaineering goggles were the first goggle that didn’t fog or frost on Everest.

In one of the most inhospitable environments on this Earth, with temperatures dropping to -30° F and winds gusting to 60 mph, Zoggles™ technology maintained our climbers’ goggle lenses completely fog and frost free as they climbed to the summit. These goggles (pictured at top) were also equipped with tinted UV-absorbing lenses to protect the climbers’ eyes from excessive solar radiation as they climbed to a near-stratosphere elevation of 29,029 feet.

Climbing Everest, reaching the summit, and trekking back down again is an extremely daunting task. The amount of physical exertion is similarly extreme, such that even in the coldest of conditions, one’s body, and especially one’s face, is saturated with perspiration. These extreme ‘human conditions’ placed an even greater demand on our Zoggles™ goggles. One hundred degrees-plus and 100% relative humidity on the inside of the goggle lens, 60 mile per hour winds and minus thirty degrees on the outside, the Zoggles™ lens was maintained completely fog and frost free with a 130° F temperature differential across it!

Our goggles were equipped with on-board rechargeable batteries. Four AAA cells easily supplied enough energy to power our Zoggles™ Everest™ goggles for over 8 grueling hours of continuous use. The batteries were recharged overnight, allowing our climbers to use our goggles and enjoy their performance day after day.

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