Zoggles Electronic Anti-Fog Anti-Frost Technology

Zoggles™ anti-fog anti-frost technology goggles

Zoggles™ is the world’s first 100% electronic anti-fog technology that prevents any object from fogging or frosting. Invented by the principals of Integrity Engineering, Zoggles™ is backed by 3 U.S. Utility Patents. Zoggles’ anti-fog approach is truly innovative - it is predictive and preventative.

While ‘traditional’ approaches allow condensation to form then act to remove it, Zoggles™ preventscondensation from ever forming by changing the conditions so that condensation simply cannot and does not exist!

Zoggles™ mountaineering and ski goggles

How does it do that?

By using micro-sensors and applying thermodynamics, Zoggles™ is able to determine when fogging is imminent, and when it is, Zoggles™ raises the surface temperature of the object by as little as a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit. By preventing an object’s surface from falling to or below the temperature where condensation is thermodynamically possible, it simply cannot form!

Zoggles™ is small and completely electronic. The entire Zoggles’ technology weighs less than ¼ of an ounce and has a footprint of less than 1 square inch! By preventing condensation from forming rather than allowing it to deposit and re-vaporizing it, energy usage is extremely small – on the order of one-thousandth of that of the ‘traditional’ deposit-remove approach.

Zoggles™ does not require or use any on-board fans, and there are no moving parts that add noise and vibration, or wear out. Zoggles™ does not require any ‘special’ sprays or wipes. In fact no user action is needed other than to turn it on. Zoggles™ Smart Circuit™ technology is extremely energy efficient. When conditions dictate, Zoggles™ places itself in ‘sleep mode’ saving even more energy. Once it senses activity, Zoggles™ immediately awakens and returns to active mode.

Zoggles™ works equally well in hot or cold conditions, it even works under water! An object equipped with Zoggles™ can be completely immersed in water without harming the Zoggles™ electronics. A simple shake to remove the water and Zoggles™ is all set to go once again.

Over 300 separate commercial and military uses have already been identified for Zoggles™ anti-fog anti-frost technology. From eyeglasses to SCUBA masks, ski goggles to motorcycle helmets, and binoculars to astronaut space suit helmets, the list goes on and on.

For more information about Zoggles™ or to discuss licensing Zoggles™ technology for use in your product, contact us at 610-692-7650.

Zoggles™ on Everest

In early 2006, we were contacted by several National Geographic sponsored professional mountain climbers who asked if our Zoggles™ technology could be applied to ski or mountaineering goggles. Zoggles™ extreme weather mountaineering goggles were the first goggle that didn’t fog or frost on Everest.

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NASA Selects Zoggles™

Successfully tested in -30° F, 60 MPH wind conditions on Mount Everest, Zoggles™ electronic anti-fog/anti-ice technology was declared the winner of NASA’s international 2008-2009 Create the Future new technology competition in the Safety and Security category.

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