NASA Selects Zoggles™

Zoggles wins NASA’s Create the Future awardSuccessfully tested in -30° F, 60 MPH wind conditions on Mount Everest, Zoggles™ electronic anti-fog/anti-ice technology was declared the winner of NASA’s international 2008-2009 Create the Future new technology competition in the Safety and Security category.

Invented by the principals of Integrity Engineering, Zoggles™ is backed by three U.S. Patents. It is the first completely electronic predictive and preventative anti-fog/anti-ice technology in the world. In receiving the NASA award, Zoggles™ mountaineering and ski goggles was selected over thousands of entries submitted from Engineers and Scientists from over 50 nations. The patented Zoggles™ technology is small, extremely energy efficient, lightweight and employs no moving parts. It does not require any sprays, wipes, fans or other user intervention to work, and functions equally well in hot or cold, wet or dry conditions, even underwater.

The Zoggles™ fog prevention technology was also cited by NASA as having “extensive market potential”, due to its ability to be incorporated into more than 300 new and existing products. Applications include vehicle windshields, sports and safety goggles, motorcycle, pilot and astronaut helmets, SCUBA, HAZMAT and firefighter masks, commercial plate glass, mirrors, cameras and optical devices of all kinds. The market potential of Zoggles™ anti-fog technology in a ski goggle application was studied by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 2007. Wharton’s test research group gave Zoggles™ extremely high marks, declaring it a “must have” product. Integrity Engineering is currently pursuing the commercialization of the Zoggles™ technology in a new generation of advanced fog-free sports and mountaineering goggles.

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