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Integrity Engineering Environmental Services and Engineering Analysis and Design Case HistoriesSince 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. has been helping companies such as yours succeed, by offering unique and highly talented engineering design, analysis and educational services.

The following are several of our many Case Histories. For your convenience, they are categorized into Environmental Services and Engineering Analysis and Design. We encourage all interested readers to review all of our Case Histories. In the event that you require additional information, or more examples of our project work, we encourage you to contact us with your request.


Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents

Project Location: SW Florida
Client: DoE
Contamination: TCE, PCE, Vinyl Chloride, Toluene
Site Size: 4+ Acres
Project Description: Over the previous 13 years, the incumbent remediation contractor had attempted to removed a large chlorinated solvent plume, extending 20+ feet below grade covering a footprint of approx. 4+ acres, with an elaborate vertical well pump-and-treat system. The cost expended by the client to date exceeded $13 million. We knew we could do far better, and we did.

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Forensic Analysis of Horizontal Well Systems

Project Location: Eastern New York
Client: Public Utility – Airport
Contamination: Jet Fuel
Site Size: 10+ Acres
Project Description: Having contracted with a large Environmental Remediation firm to design and install several horizontal well deployed AS and SVE systems to remediate their large plume of JP fuel, the client became concerned that the systems were not functioning as reported (and hence, remediation was not progressing as stated), prompting them to seek a third party expert opinion. Their concerns were in part confirmed by extreme localized bubbling of pooled rainwater near the equipment compound, whereas no bubbling in any other area of treatment was seen. The client asked us for help.

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Remediation of Free Product with Horizontal Bioremediation Systems

Project Location: Northern New York
Client: Private Corporation – Petroleum Distribution Center
Contamination: Gasoline
Site Size: 10+ Acres
Project Description: Seeking to excavate a trench to install an underground pipe, the client’s contractor severed a buried, and greatly mislocated, 10-inch gasoline header. The header was under significant head pressure, being fed by a large bulk fuel tank located across the highway several hundred yards away. Unfortunately, even acting as quickly as possible to halt the flow, an estimated 10,000+ gallons of fresh fuel spilled into the ground, quickly spreading into a multi-acre free product plume. We were asked to help.

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Reverse Engineering of EPS Recycling Process

Project Location: SE PA
Client: Private Corporation – Emerging Technology Start-Up
Project Description: Having been granted a U.S. Utility Patent for a new chemical-reduction process to recycle expanded polystyrene, the company engaged an out of state firm to build a pre-production machine to pilot test and prove their technology. Due to a dispute subsequent to delivery, the fabricator withheld all design documents, making full understanding of the process and operation of the complex machinery extremely difficult. The client tried for several months to operate the machine, but numerous equipment problems developed, resulting in lackluster performance and poor process quality. We were asked to help.

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Optimization of a Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Location: DE
Client: Public Corporation – Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Project Description: A publicly traded manufacturer of pharmaceutical products had great concern over their process effluent wastewater treatment facility, after receiving increasingly frequent citations and penalties from the local POTW. Though their treatment facility was properly sized and correctly designed to treat their wastewater stream in the 1960’s, a steady increase in plant capacity and a corresponding increase in wastewater volume over time stretched the system to its limits. The wastewater facility could no longer keep up with the rest of the plant. The client increasingly experienced effluent quality upsets, resulting in increasingly frequent POTW citations and fines, amounting to several hundred thousand dollars over a period of several months. We were asked to help.

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