Integrity Engineering offers engineering services, technical education programs, and new technology to industry and academia throughout the United States.

We specialize in designing in-situ environmental remediation systems employing directionally-drilled horizontal wells. We have been on the cutting edge of horizontal well remediation technology since the early 1990’s, and are the first company to develop computational fluid dynamics finite element analysis (CFD - FEA) of in-situ remediation systems using horizontal wells.

In 2009, Integrity Engineering’s Zoggles™ anti-fog/anti-ice technology won NASA’s coveted Create the Future international new technology competition, surpassing thousands of entries submitted by scientists and engineers from over 50 nations. Zoggles™ is the world’s first completely electronic anti-fog/anti-ice technology, with over 300 separate applications ranging from eyeglasses to astronaut space suits.

In 2010, Integrity Engineering's patented Zoggles™, predict-and-prevent anti-fog/anti-ice technology was selected by Popular Science to receive their highly prestigious Invention of the Year award.

Since 1990, we have offered complete courses in Mechanical Engineering, Remediation System Design and Horizontal Well Performance, providing hands-on, real-world instruction provided by experienced and highly talented and licensed Professional Engineers.

International New Technology Create the Future Design Contest Winner

NASA Create the Future International New Technology Contest Winner


Popular Science Selects Zoggles as Invention of the Year

Zoggles™ Invention of the Year



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Since 1989, Integrity Engineering has been helping clients across an array of industries prosper by solving difficult engineering problems.

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Zoggles™ is the world’s first completely electronic, award winning anti-fog/anti-frost technology, developed by Integrity Engineering and tested on Mount Everest.

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