Press Release

Apr 6, 2018

Thermodynamics & Nuclear Power Generating Stations Form the Topics of a New Technical Paper

Drawing Upon a 13-Year Career in the Nuclear Power Industry, the President of Integrity Engineering Discusses the Physics of Thermodynamics by Using an Actual Nuclear Power Station as its Study Model

West Chester, PA - April 6, 2018 - Returning to pure Engineering & Physics as the combined topics for its latest technical paper, Integrity Engineering is pleased to announce the publication of a new 23-page Treatise in Thermodynamics. Specifically prepared for graduate Mechanical and Nuclear Engineers who have a working background in the Physical Sciences, this new publication discusses the Power Cycle used in Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Nuclear Power Generating Facilities. Starting with an introduction into Thermodynamics, the paper delves into Dr. Mollier's work in quantifying the physical properties of liquid and gaseous water, then transitions to Dr. Rankine and how his breakthrough research into Thermodynamic Power Cycles has become the definitive work that is still used to this day. His Rankine Power Cycle is thoroughly explained in significant detail, including how it plays a defining role in establishing the technical 'feasibility' of every Power Generating Facility. Thereafter this new paper reveals how, at 34%, Nuclear Energy remains the most efficient method of generating electricity in comparison to all other methodologies available to Mankind.

An extensive use of diagrams, models and photographs are used throughout this new publication, each expanding upon its predecessor so as to paint an ever-encompassing picture of how Thermodynamics plays a major part in the creation of all Electrical Power Generating Facilities. To aid the reader in retaining the essence, complexity and importance of the Science and Engineering discussed, a collage of several photographs and diagrams is supplied at the end of the paper, these in total illustrate one of our Nation's Premier Nuclear Power Stations - the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (SSES), located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With a Graduate Degree in hand, Integrity Engineering's President's first position as a Mechanical Engineer began at this very site in 1976.

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