Press Release

Aug 24, 2016

Integrity Engineering Completes its 35th Year Mentoring Engineers

President of Integrity Engineering Commemorates 35 years of Mentoring Engineers throughout the United States

West Chester, PA - August 24, 2016 - Acknowledging the need for all Engineers to be provided with mentoring advice throughout their careers, Integrity Engineering, Inc. commemorates the completion of 35 years of effort fulfilling this important commitment that was made by its President in 1980. Since that time, well over 1000 engineers from numerous Engineering disciplines including Mechanical, Nuclear, Chemical, Environmental and Civil have accepted the multi-faceted benefits of obtaining expert advice on how to advance their careers both academically and administratively through our corporation’s efforts. Each was provided individualized attention and offered invaluable expertise on a myriad of career benefiting actions, entirely free of charge. These included, in part, not just increasing their technical acuity in over 20 Engineering and Physics topics, but being given direct help in their current job positions. This assistance includes providing alternatives on how to seek and acquire upward job mobility, sitting for and successfully acquiring one’s PE License, learning how to evolve from a purely technical position to one involving administrative duties, advancing into management and coping with new responsibilities inherent in leadership positions, and many more career-impactful actions. The entirety of this effort was not only completed directly through IE, but in collaboration with major corporations, nationally ranked universities and professional organizations, including Penn State, the University of Delaware, Widener University, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bechtel Nuclear, E.I. duPont, and Groundwater Technology. Many of our ‘mentees’ have thereafter become leaders in their own right, by ‘accepting the baton’ becoming mentors themselves to newly degreed engineers seeking their first all-important jobs in their technical discipline. Integrity Engineering looks forward to ‘year 36’ by continuing our efforts in the new academic year starting this September, and hopes to continue and expand our mentorship efforts in years to come.

About Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. is an engineering firm focused on developing new technologies and providing superior engineering design, analysis and educational services to corporations and universities nationwide. In addition to the dental cleaning and sterilization device, Integrity Engineering has previously developed Zoggles™ electronic anti-fog anti-ice technology, and its SPARGE™ suite of innovative FEA – Computational Fluid Dynamics remediation system design and modeling software for the Environmental Industry, resulting in the successful clean up of hundreds of toxic waste and Brownfields sites across the U.S. For additional information about the dental cleaning device or any of the products and innovations developed by Integrity Engineering visit our web site at Integrity Engineering is headquartered in West Chester, PA, USA.