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      Date: Aug 15, 2021
     Title: Development of UV-Peroxidation Technology by Integrity Engineering

With the Continual Emergence of New and More Virulent COVID-19 Virus Mutations Around the Globe, and as Deaths in these United States Reach Levels Unprecedented Since the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, Integrity Engineering Releases an Extremely Relevant Paper that Describes the Only Proven Technology Capable of Effectively Killing the COVID Virus, UV-Peroxidation

West Chester, PA - August 1, 2021 – With the incredible rise in COVID infections and deaths, both here in these United States and abroad, the alarm should be sounding around our globe for any methodology or process capable of effectively forestalling the further spread of COVID infections. Responding to this call, Integrity Engineering (IE) presents its patented Sanitizing Technology named UV-Peroxidation. Beginning in 2000, the Principles of IE began a concerted research effort to identify all processes, biological, thermal, chemical or otherwise, that had the capability to kill all known (and unknown future) bacteria, viruses and prions. This effort resulted in creating and patenting the process entitled UV-Peroxidation for medical use. UV-Peroxidation is a process that employs a specific band of UV light to irradiate a Hydrogen Peroxide solution, resulting in the creation of negatively charged Hydroxyl (OH-) Ions. When these extremely aggressive radicals are directed to any bacteria or virus, they immediate pass through cell walls and attack the RNA/DNA within each pathogen cell. In effect, destroying the pathogen's RNA/DNA prevents it from replicating, and it 'dies' shortly afterward. The entire process occurs in a fraction of a second and is 100% effective. UV-Peroxidation is described in summary fashion, complete with a technical analysis and an example of its efficacy in cleaning a contaminated countertop surface.


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Founded in 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. (IE) is a firm focused on developing advanced engineering technologies and providing superior engineering design, analysis and educational services to State and Federal Agencies, corporations and universities nationwide. In addition to its patented UV peroxidation sterilization process and products, Integrity Engineering has developed and patented Zoggles™, completely electronic predictive and preventative anti-fog, anti-frost technology. These advancements have resulted in Integrity Engineering being awarded NASA's Coveted Create the Future International Invention of the Year Award and Popular Science's Invention of the Year Award.

Integrity Engineering has also revolutionized the environmental industry through the creation of its SPARGE™ suite of innovative FEA - Computational Fluid Dynamics Environmental Remediation System Design and Performance Evaluation software. These proprietary engineering tools have permitted Integrity Engineering to precisely design 3-D directionally drilled wells and deploy gas-based treatment systems to successfully clean up over 750 toxic waste and Brownfields site across the United States. All of these highly contaminated sites were completely remediated in extraordinarily short time frames and at significantly reduced costs over all other alternative remediation methods. For additional information about Integrity Engineering, or any of its innovations, products, patents or published works, visit our web site at Integrity Engineering is headquartered in West Chester, PA USA.