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      Date: Apr 24, 2020
     Title: Selecting and Wearing the Correct PPE to Mitigate Exposure to COVID-19 are Subjects of a New Technical Paper

As our Nation Struggles with the Devastating Effects of the COVID-19 Virus, the President of Integrity Engineering Presents a Timely Paper Providing Direction and Support to those Seeking Guidance in Correctly Selecting and Properly Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

West Chester, PA - April 24, 2020 – Drawing upon the experience of a 45-year long career in the Nuclear and Environmental Remediation Industries, in this Technical Paper, published in commemoration of Earth Day, the President of Integrity Engineering, Inc. provides the reader with a wealth of valuable information intended to combat exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Using the knowledge gained by having worked at extremely hazardous sites and conditions, an extensive discussion is supplied in this Paper that candidly presents the value, proper selection and wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Supported by a large diagram that illustrates each of the necessary elements of virus-mitigating PPE, the accompanying text ‘walks’ the reader through each piece of equipment, how it is to be worn or used, and after use, removed and stored for future decontamination or disposal. All information is presented with the intent to provide any individual, even a lay person, with the knowledge and ability to protect him/herself to the maximum possible extent. In addition to a step-by-step description of actions to be taken and avoided, an entire section of the Paper provides a Question-and-Answer discussion that addresses many concerns and issues that the average individual may encounter and/or needs to consider, weigh and decide upon as s/he proceeds in his/her daily life in the current era of COVID-19.


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