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      Date: Aug  2, 2017
     Title: Integrity Engineering Publishes its Third Technical Paper in the SPARGE™ Series

President of Integrity Engineering Describes the Development of the SPARGETM FEA CFD Computer Program in a Unique Historic Perspective

President of Integrity Engineering Describes the Development of the SPARGETM FEA CFD Computer

West Chester, PA - August 2, 2017 - Departing from the equation-laden style of traditional technical papers, Integrity Engineering is pleased to announce the publishing of a new 4-part paper that details the history of the development of the SPARGE™ FEA CFD Design and Analysis computer program. Beginning with a chance encounter to observe an unsuccessful test of a Core Spray System header in a recently installed commercial nuclear reactor, this singular event became the initial 'spark' that later led to a multi-year long effort to create SPARGE™. Along with another unrelated experience over a decade later, this latter event exemplifying an industry wide problem of non-engineers incorrectly deploying complex environmental remediation technologies, both events spurred the development of the first of what eventually became a suite of impressive engineering rich remediation system design and performance evaluation tools. This new paper also describes the difficulties that were encountered by anyone attempting to develop new technical software in the 1980's and early 90's, as the evolution of computers and peripherals continually frustrated the effort due to a wide array of limiting factors. In all, from his initial tenure in the Nuclear field to the completion of the SPARGE™ suite of programs, nearly 30 years had passed, in retrospect exemplifying a remarkably rich engineering career as a Professional Nuclear, Mechanical and Environmental Engineer. This new paper is intended to be an 'easy read' for both technical and non-technical individuals alike who seek something 'different' from traditional engineering publications.

About Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. is a firm focused on developing new engineering technologies and providing superior engineering design, analysis and educational services to private industry, corporations and universities nationwide. In addition to its patented dental cleaning and sterilization process and device, Integrity Engineering has previously developed Zoggles™, predictive electronic anti-fog anti-ice technology, and its SPARGE™ suite of innovative FEA – Computational Fluid Dynamics remediation system design and modeling software for the Environmental Industry. Integrity Engineering's advancements in Environmental Engineering have resulting in the successful clean up of hundreds of toxic waste and Brownfields sites across the U.S. For additional information about Zoggles™ or any of the products and innovations developed by Integrity Engineering visit our web site at Integrity Engineering is headquartered in West Chester, PA, USA.