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      Date: Oct  5, 2010
     Title: Integrity Engineering Principals Obtain Patent for New Consumer Device

Integrity Engineering principals Don Skomsky, PE and Valerie Palfy awarded a U.S. Utility Patent for a new consumer device incorporating advanced UV-peroxidation technology.

West Chester, PA – October 5, 2010 - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a Utility Patent to Company principals and co-inventors Valerie Palfy and Don Skomsky, PE for an innovative consumer device for cleaning and sterilizing dental hardware such as retainers, mouth guards, plates and dentures. Examination of U.S. Patent No.: 7,798,159, Palfy et al, entitled At-Home Integrated Cleaning and Disinfection System and Method for Dental Hardware, was particularly long and arduous, taking nearly 8 years. However, in recognition of the extraordinary length of review, the Patent Office increased the term of the patent by 4 years, resulting in IP protection to the year 2026.

The device incorporates three separate technologies – advanced ultraviolet light peroxidation (UV-peroxidation), hydraulic vibration, and cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) UV light emission. Acting concurrently, the device is able to clean and sterilize dental hardware in as little as 5 minutes, far faster and better than the dentist’s autoclave. Having options of being either AC or battery powered, the device is transportable and uniquely ‘green’, using very little energy. While hand brushing is messy and of limited utility, and effervescing tablet soaks are expensive, sanitize poorly and leave an unpleasant long-lasting aftertaste, the device offers an attractive alternative to everyone, including those who are unable or who lack the dexterity, such as young children, the elderly and the disabled. And, it is completely safe for use by all consumers, as it generating no heat, no gases or vapors and no hazardous or dangerous chemicals. The consumer can adjust operating times and the frequency of vibration on the easy to use control panel, so that the device’s operation can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the object being sanitized. The device is also very compact, about the size of a coffee mug, so it will occupy little space on a nightstand or bathroom vanity, while offering extraordinary utility.

Integrity Engineering will spin off a separate firm to fabricate and sell the new product to dental professionals and the general public, the entirety of production will be within the United States. By not going overseas as nearly every other company has with their products, Integrity Engineering hopes to rekindle the American belief in ourselves and in our technological prowess, and help as much as we can to return America back to its technical roots that made us the best country in the world. In doing so, we will be creating new high quality jobs in America for Americans.

About Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. is an engineering firm focused on developing new technologies and providing superior engineering design, analysis and educational services to corporations and universities nationwide. In addition to the dental cleaning and sterilization device, Integrity Engineering has previously developed Zoggles™ electronic anti-fog anti-ice technology, and its SPARGE™ suite of innovative FEA – Computational Fluid Dynamics remediation system design and modeling software for the Environmental Industry, resulting in the successful clean up of hundreds of toxic waste and Brownfields sites across the U.S. For additional information about the dental cleaning device or any of the products and innovations developed by Integrity Engineering visit our web site at Integrity Engineering is headquartered in West Chester, PA, USA.