Press Release

May 24, 2010

Zoggles™ named Invention of the Year for 2010 by Popular Science Magazine

Integrity Engineering's Zoggles™ anti-fog anti-frost technology is awarded the distinction of Invention of the Year for 2010 by Popular Science Magazine

West Chester, PA - May 24, 2010 - Popular Science magazine has awarded Integrity Engineering's Zoggles™ completely electronic predict-and-prevent anti-fog anti-frost technology Invention of the Year status for 2010. Invented by Integrity Engineering principals Don A. Skomsky, PE and Valerie Palfy, and supported by three U.S. Utility Patents, Zoggles™ anti-fog anti-frost technology has no moving parts, is exceedingly small, and very green - it even operates under water. Weighing 0.10 ounces and having a footprint the size of a common postage stamp, Zoggles™ has been successfully tested and proven to maintain safety eyewear fog and ice free in environments down to -35 degrees F. In 2009, Zoggles™ received an international award from NASA, being named the winner of their Create the Future new technology competition. In 2007, Zoggles™ equipped ski and mountaineering goggles were selected by University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business for extensive study as a new product venture, their concluding that the venture would result in an extremely high ROI. In 2006, Zoggles™ equipped goggles successfully braved the weather on Mount Everest, being the first protective eyewear (and the only electronic eyewear) to survive the climb to the summit of Everest, and back, without fogging or frosting. Over 300 commercial and military applications for Zoggles™ have been identified to date. For more information about the Zoggles™ technology and how it may be incorporated in your application to advance your corporation's product line and greatly increase profits, contact us at 610-692-7650.

About Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Integrity Engineering, Inc. is an engineering firm focused on developing new technologies and providing superior engineering design, analysis and educational services to corporations and universities nationwide. Including Zoggles™, Integrity Engineering has previously developed its SPARGE™ suite of innovative FEA Computational Fluid Dynamics engineering design and modeling software for the Environmental Industry, resulting in the clean-up of soil and groundwater in hundreds of toxic waste and Brownfields sites across the United States. For more information, Integrity Engineering is headquartered in West Chester, PA, USA.